what we have learned so far

  • spencer is gay
  • hanna is gay
  • emily is gayer
  • toby is gay
  • caleb is gay
  • wilden watched porn

Guys, don’t fight in the crypt.

Anônimo asked:
"yeeeees pls come to germany like already mentioned most people here are brunette :)! and also it doesn't really matter what you look like? come to germanyyyyy"

yesss but when i say that i’m brunette i mean that my skin color isn’t white but it isn’t black too, but idk how to say it in english, it’s like brown? But not too much? lol! and i know you guys in germany may be brunette but i’m almost sure you don’t have brown skin (or do you? 👀). but anyways i’m happy to know that how i look like doesn’t matter. I really want to visit Germany now 💛 awn thank you babe

Anônimo asked:
"nobody would say anything just because of your haircolor or body. there are so many people here that come from another country and boys really like brazilian girls. so don't worry, you will be fine :) do you know where exactly you want to go to?"

that relaxed me hahah thank you 😊 idk maybe Munique and too many other places ha!

Anônimo asked:
"yup really :) oh i'm glad to hear... where in germany are you gonna travel ? :)"

i don’t knowww there are too many beautiful places, any idea?

Anônimo asked:
"plus not that many people are blonds in germany though... most of us are brunette i think? idk i think it's a huge prejudice and seriously we're not all beautiful, tall, blue-eyed & skinny :D"

prejudice? I already said i love german people (???) i was just saying that i’m afraid they wouldn’t like me because i’m pretty different than they. and i’m saying that most of them are blonde and white and things because that’s what we see on TV and pictures and everywhere. i know we can’t believe in media but i look a lot for pictures of germany on google and all i find is blonde tall white people.

Anônimo asked:
"have you ever visited another country?"

yep USA

Anônimo asked:
"aww come on i'm german and i'm brunette and tiny and why wouldn't i like you seriously (shh plus i bet all the guys would love a brazilian girl ;) )"

really? omg that’s great! i love your contry, it’s so beautiful and perfect. And i always thought that german boys didn’t like brazilian girls because most of them aren’t blonde and white (ok i know that they may like big ass and curves like brazilian girls have and that they’re used to blonde girls so maybe they find attractive a brunette girl but i wasn’t sure). but now i’m traveling to germany for sure! thank you so much babe